Crawling king-snake

I saw my first live snake in the wild recently. During a hike near Muir Woods, north of San Francisco, CA, we came across a beautiful specimen slithering near the trail. It was small and apparently unafraid by our presence. It disregarded us completely and went on its way. I lacked the resources to take a picture at the time but post-hoc research revealed it to be one of these:


Making a lady laugh is half the battle

It has been apparent to me for some time now that (some) women are notoriously hard to please. On the occasion of my anniversary, I learned that a material gift of significant value is merely par for the course. Of course it must be thought out and have some significance to the special one for it to count. However, it isn’t nearly enough. One’s gifts must also show that one has put in effort in thinking about the ideal gift, has been paying attention to the needs and wants of his better half and so on.

It was thus interesting for me to learn that a gift that can make the lady laugh and remember why she is with you in the first place is probably the one she will value the most.